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Anniversary Issue

A collage of photos of various notable feminists including Madame Cama, Savitribai Phule, Ismat Chughtai, Sampat Pal Devi, and so on

जिनपर हमें अभिमान है !

जहाँ महिलाओं का अंतरिक्ष में पहला कदम महिला विकास की ओर एक बड़ा कदम है वहीं समाज में हो रहे बदलावों में महिलाओं का योगदान भी प्रशंसनीय है जो सदियों से हमारे समाज को एक नई दिशा दे रहा है। 8 मार्च को ध्यान में रखते हुए जिसे ‘अंतर्राष्ट्रीय महिला दिवस’ के रूप में मनाया…
An illustration of a boy facing a tiger, while they're both on a boat, with a quote from Life of Pi written above.

the fearless campaign

In India, we are constantly confronted by images of what Indian women should be. Goddess on walls portray the perfectly beautiful, extremely strong kind of woman. Then there’s the image that Bollywood projects; the coy sex-kitten who will act shy until you stalk the crap out of her, at which point she realizes she is…
photo of activist Dr. Payoshini Mitra. She wears glasses and long hair, and is wearing a black sweater with an orange-and-black patterned scarf


Dr. Payoshni Mitra, a researcher, activist and writer working on gender issues in sport in India with special emphasis on intersexuality and sport. Currently she has been nominated the Mediator by SAI in the case of Dutee Chand, an athlete who has been unceremoniously dropped from the Indian team for the Commonwealth Games for hyperandrogenism. TARSHI: Could…
Photo of a female protester holdingup the sign, "just had my first legal sex"


Post the historic Naz Foundation judgment of the Delhi High Court in July 2009, a prominent English news magazine carried a photograph my friend and activist Anindya Hajra celebrating the decision carrying a placard which read: ‘Just had my first legal sex.’ Needless to say, the placard was being displayed with specific regard to a…
Photo of bodypositive activist Ekta Oza. She is wearing dark-rimmed glasses, a blue patterned kurta and her hair is tied back. She is looking to her left and laughing.


Which one of these is the right question to ask myself: When was the first time I realised I was thin? Or, when was the first time I was made to realise I was ‘different’ and there was something wrong with me that needed to be fixed? Or, when was the first time I defined…
A picture of disability rights activist Malini Chib sitting on a wheelchair. She is has black shoulder-length hair and is wearing glasses. Her top is white with black stripes and her trousers are black. The text beside her reads 'One Little Finger, Malini Chib'


If a woman likes a man, she seduces him with her charm, wit and humour. This, I have seen, works. Well, almost. Because it had never worked with me. It’s not because of a lack of charm, wit and humour in me. On the contrary. I have been told that God has given me an…
a pencil sketch of two hands touching


भारतीय कानून में विसंगतियों की एक बड़ी संख्या है, चाहे हम सहमति की उम्र का उल्लेख करने वाले विभिन्न कानूनों को देखें या ‘बच्चे’ की परिभाषा बताने वाले विभिन्न कानूनों को।  किशोर न्याय (बालकों की देख-रेख और संरक्षण) संशोधन अधिनियम 2006 के अनुसार ‘बालक’ की उम्र 18 वर्ष से कम है और वे कार्यरत नहीं…