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image from the photoseries 'Body' by Veer Mishra
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Brushstrokes: Body


“Every type of body is beautiful, and more importantly every type of body is different,” says artist Veer Mishra while describing Body, his series of illustrations. This ‘difference’ is the essence of what he tries to portray through his art– that there cannot be one single ideal of physical beauty or desirability, that bodies are diverse and so are the narratives around them.  Everyone experiences their body differently; everyone sees their own bodies differently. For men, like people of any other gender, the consequences of this diversity not being acknowledged can be deeply damaging, and so, it is important to document their alienation, their pain, and their journeys towards self-acceptance with respect to their bodies. Only then can the socially approved ‘ideal’ be challenged.

You can find Mishra’s work here.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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