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A pair of hands with wrinkles on them holding each other. One of the hands is wearing a gold band on their ring finger

And all my life I’ve lived alone.

What it means to be beautiful, I’ve never known.

I’ve had partners but I pushed them all away,

My sense of ugliness was like a fort to keep love at bay.

Now, at fifty three, I take marriage vows again.

Love can kiss wrinkles, scars and sagging breasts.

Years have built my courage, and now I know.

Of being rejected, I fear no more.

And when we hold hands and walk on the beach,

Him wanting me to be forever within his reach,

When his rough fingers caress my ragged skin

I know, of love and beauty, love did win.

I look back with regret at all the years I spent

Crying over my disfigured nose, stretch marks and fat legs.

Oh! Why did I give it no thought?

That self-love, truly, is the greatest love of all.

You’ll feel only so much worth, as you give to yourself

‘Cause darling, nothing is sexier than confidence!