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Author: Zulfiya Hamzaki

Sibalika Saha

Body Talk

Social norms don’t expect women to look muscular, but if men are muscular, it is considered sexy. Just by choosing to pursue a largely male-dominated sport that glorifies what is accepted as “masculine”, Karuna and Sibalika are pushing the boundaries of these labels.
Picture of Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel: The Story Of A Small Town Girl With Big Dreams

Fouzia Azeem, more popularly known as Qandeel Baloch,was called Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian. Madiha Tahir, a journalist and filmmaker who is interviewed in the documentary,questions this comparison. To quote her: “She (Qandeel) is not Kim Kardashian at all. She is not famous for being rich. An upper-class woman would have her class protection and it’s unlikely that an upper-class woman would be supporting her family from these social media videos.”
A woman dressed in a red and black dress is seen walking with a red umbrella. She is caucasian and has blonde hair and is looking off into the distance contemplatively. Beside, there is a small polaroid image of the same woman woman lying in bed with an older man. The name of the movie, 'Scarlet Road', is written on top.

Review: Scarlet Road

Scarlet Road: Of Sex Work and Disability Sex workers and people with disabilities. Two communities who are marginalized, disapproved of, and unsupported by a large section of society, come together in this film with an enchanting name – Scarlet Road. My first viewing of the film was quite a unique experience. I had watched it…