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Author: Noopur Raval

Abish Matthew in a white shirt and black coat speaking into ear mike on a stage.

Casually Sexist Humour and the Reasonable Limits of Feministing

In March 2015, a popular Indian comic, Abish Mathew, performed at a college festival at the National Law University (NLU) in Delhi where he made, according to a FirstPost article (more on that soon), a bunch of “average” and “sexist” jokes (as if the first compounds the gravity of the other) on politician Mayawati’s looks,…
Four cups of different flavoured teas kept in a row horizontally. Next to each is kept corresponding dry tea leaves.

Of Green Tea, Weight Loss, and Living As #PCOS4Ever

"You know, most healthy girls get this disorder if they don't lose weight easily," chimed my high school best friend whose mother had recently informed her of some disorder related to irregular periods that bothered so many girls around us. Of course, at age fourteen, my biggest worry was of having to live with regular…