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Author: Anannya Chatterjee

सेक्शुऐलिटी एजुकेटर के मन की बातें   

“दीदी, एक बात पूछूँ आपसे? टॉप सीक्रेट है!” “श्योर, पूछो ना”, कहते हुए मैंने भी सर तो हिला दिया, पर समझ नहीं पा रही थी कि वो आगे क्या पूछेगी।  “मेरे मन में एक लड़के के लिए फीलिंग्स हैं, उसनें मुझसे पूछा तो मैंने हाँ कर दिया। पर अब मुझे लग रहा है मैंने बहुत…

That monster. That witch. That woman.

This article will not quench an inquisitive person’s thirst for answers to questions around gender, femininity, sexuality, horror, monsters, witches, and many more loaded terms. It is simply a conglomeration of thoughts that keep sprouting in my mind, time and again. Think of it as a thought diary, where seemingly random thoughts are scribbled all…
Many question-mark shaped lights thrown together to give an effect of darkness, and two of them glowing. One is blue and the other is yellow.

Musings of a Sexuality Educator

To be a support system is to be a safe space for them where they can reflect upon, experiment with and understand themselves. A space where people not only come to terms with their individual selves, sexual or otherwise, but also where they become increasingly aware of their own rights.

Love, Lust and PDA

I extend my support and solidarity to people, across the spectrum of gender and sexuality, who want to break closed doors and walls to establish safe spaces where one can love freely, without inhibitions; people who seek to re-define love and intimacy in their own independent, non-patriarchal terms.
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Love, Lust and PDA

Six years later (and out of such an abusive relationship), as I sit in a Gender Studies classroom discussing public and private spheres, being introduced to the feminist ideology of the personal being political, I reflect back and see my experiences as emerging from a complex discursive pattern. The peculiar way in which heterosexual romantic relationships are envisaged and the potentiality of them being disruptive of traditional arrangements of companionship requires them to be manifested outside of the four walls of home and family. Yet, one faces a situation of a pathetic lack of safe spaces within the public sphere and the traditional discourse of love being private and contained within the private sphere...
the script of love: still of a crying 'tulsi' from 'kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi'

Issue in Focus: The Script of Love

The discursive power vested in audio-visual media can prove to be emancipatory if it seeks to re-write the scripts of love, to expand it to include various subjectivities, disturb the patriarchal gendered dynamics that it is based on by introducing a story that allows the audience to imagine it in various different ways.