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Author: Akhil Katyal

Abstract painting of a distorted face outlined with bold lines

I want to 377 you so bad (and Other Poems)

i want to 377 you so bad till even the sheets hurt i want to ache your knees singe your skin line you brown breathe you in i want to mouth you in words neck you in red i want to beg your body insane into sepals i want to 377 you like a star…
An abstract painting of various shades of green and blue

बर्लिन में

जब शाम ढली, हम सभी सड़क के चिराग हो गए। क्रॉयज़बर्ग बस रौशनी था - और सस्ते कबाब - हरी दीवारें, चरमराते दरवाज़े फुटपाथ और लड़के। एक गोरा जर्मन, लम्बा, जिसने पिछले साल लंदन के एक कमरे में अपने बॉयफ्रेन्ड को खोया था - सारी रात उसी की बातें करता रहा। लगभग सात फीट का, और…
an abstract painting of various shades of green and blue


Girl, when you blow your boy, or boy, when you go down on her, or when both of you use a toy, and all the world's a blur, I know it feels like heaven, you too violate 377.   Moments before she died (December, 2012) It is the night of foreboding her skin is again…