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Doodle of two male gods sitting together closely, hugging. One has rested his head on the other's shoulder.

Bromances from mythology

Biblical scholars, who value abstinence, reject such sexual interpretations, but not modern LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) activists, who have even traced formal same-sex unions in Church liturgy called adelphopoiesis or “brother-making”. We see what we want to see. We allow what we are comfortable with, and what we are mature about. Love is indeed a splendid thing. But sex remains a bad habit.
Drawing of a woman plucking a red apple from a tree. The red colour stand out as everything else - she, trees, other apples on the tree are filled-in with black colour.


“In fact, if you look at all these lady-heroines, it’s the same tedious tale again and again: the grand prize of a girl’s existence is shown to be her marriage to a wealthy and powerful man.”
A black man taking off the heels of a woman as she lies on bed on her stomach, wearing red lingeri. He is wearing beige-coloured pants, and is nude above the waist.

Women’s Sexual Fantasies – the Latest Scientific Research

Dr Raj Persaud Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Jenny Bivona Clinical psychologist A team of psychologists led by a woman has uncovered some surprising findings on one of the most secret aspects of female sexual fantasy. While almost everyone has sexual fantasies, previous research into the subject has found between 31 and 62% of women have rape fantasies.…
Coloured condoms.

‘Do Condoms Reduce Pleasure?’: Watch What These Young People Have To Say About Sex-Ed And More

This post is part of TARSHI's #TalkSexuality campaign on Comprehensive Sexuality Education in collaboration with Youth Ki Awaaz.  In 2009, a volunteer with TARSHI walked around Delhi University asking students what their thoughts were on ‘sex-ed’. They spoke about where they learnt about sexuality from, and some common myths and misconceptions around sex and sexuality. Do condoms reduce pleasure? Does…
A photo of a woman standing in the middle of a green meadow, leaning against a brown tree bark. She has shoulder length black hair and is wearing a light blue kurta

That Hashtag Was My Colleague

By Sonia Khan | Grist Media – Mon 18 Aug, 2014 Doubting doctors, corrupt cops, jeering lawyers and, of course, mercenary reporters. A middle class woman gang raped in the heart of Mumbai makes for a perfect storm of anxiety and righteousness. But what if the rape survivor is also a journalist? A year after…
A still from the film "Apur Sansar" showing a woman who's looking downwards. She's wearing a saree and her aanchal is draped around her head.

‘Popular Stereotyping’

Time and again, our films underline the supremacy of man. Modernity is reduced to a matter of packaging. A modern woman is defined by her westernized attire. She looks modern but when it comes to making informed choices, she chooses the conventional. Sharmila Tagore Full text of the 19th Justice Sunanda Bhandare Memorial Lecture —Representation…
Picture of film scholar Shohini Ghosh. She's dressed in a red shirt, has white hair, and is sitting in front of a table full of food.

Discourse of desire

By: Nupur Sharma The Hindu. Shohini Ghosh at Lodhi Garden Restaurant, New Delhi. Photo: V.V. Krishnan Over a hearty meal, film scholar Shohini Ghosh dwells on the intersection between cinema and sexuality With her eclectic body of work on media theory and practice, Shohini Ghosh promised to be a most agreeable luncheon date. One knew she'd…
A photo of Renee Richards, the first transsexual woman to play in competitive sport after transitioning. She is wearing a white uniform and cap and is holding up a tennis racket.
'The first transsexual person to play in competitive sport after transitioning was Renée Richards.' Photograph: Dave Pickoff/AP

Sport is slowly catching up with transgender realities

"The UFC was appalled by the transphobic comments made by heavyweight Matt Mitrione," stated the mixed martial arts governing body, which recently suspended Mitrione after he called male-to-female transsexual fighter Fallon Fox "a lying, sick, sociopathic disgusting freak" in an online broadcast. Fox had sex reassignment surgery (SRS) in 2006, before beginning her professional MMA career in 2012. She won her second…