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I Walked Out in My Night Dress

Image of an alley in the daytime where the author presumably walks in her night dress.

There it was the road I was looking for,

Where I walked in my night dress

under the morning sun,

with no sleeves and no legs

with no bra and no shame.

I walked out in my night dress

Under the morning sun.

First one glare and then one stare

and then a three and four.

Then a woman who looked,

as if she never saw a night dress before,

out in the sun walking on its own.

red rashes on my neck,

hairy legs and eruptions on my face.


They looked and looked to find out

If that was really a day dress.

My body seemed to be owned,

to have spilled out of the limbs and bones,

that I try to gather every morning

to walk out in my night dress.

One passed by singing

and the other with disgust,

another did not bother,

another did not look at me

as this one felt ashamed

as I walked out in my night dress

and took my burden of shame.


There were thousand stares,

of thousand eyes

stuck on my legs,

making me think of cursed Indra.

But he was a God and I a being.

I walked to the store and walked back,

as I reached the staircase of the house,

I felt dressed again,

In my night dress,

That I walked in,

in the morning sun.

Image courtesy Abhijit Kar Gupta (CC BY 2.0)