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Video: Hindi Short Film – The Vacation | Friendship – Romance

What if we could redo certain parts of our life? Would we pay more attention to ourselves and our loved ones even as life grew more and more full with everyday responsibilities? Kamal Moolwani’s short film, The Vacation, playfully and unexpectedly reassures us there is no right or wrong, but that there is always time. Agreeing to share the only available taxi on their way to the station, Sarita and Rakesh reflect on the passage of time. Confidingly, Sarita tells Rakesh that she and her husband used to travel together frequently until they got caught up with work, errands, and raising children, only to realise, thirty years later, that they hadn’t made a lot of time for each other. Comfortingly, Rakesh places his hand on hers. But, is this really a moment of understanding, or is something else brewing between the co-passengers? Watch to find out!

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