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Video: What Is the Point of Spirituality?

The title card of the video, "what is the point of spirituality?"

Spirituality often means different things to different people – some may dismiss it, some may link it to faith or religion, while some may simply experience it as a personal moment of connection. And spirituality is just that, a moment in which one feels ‘beyond’ oneself, when one’s horizon of experience broadens and expands to be able to process thoughts and emotions that transcend the self. One’s experience of one’s body, one’s sexuality, of pleasure and sexual wellbeing is also often heightened in this moment, because it is in this moment where one feels completely unfettered, when one is not shackled by the material, practical hurdles that otherwise hinder free expression of the self. The School of Life’s video, What is the Point of Spirituality? attempts to elucidate the various meanings that one might derive from spirituality, and how it might influence one’s ways of seeing and ways of being.

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