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A white board with a couple of polaroid pictures and the text "Beyond Boundaries: Experiences of Immigrants with Diverse Sexualities". The words "With love to the GLBT office, Betsy" are written in permanent marker
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Video: Trailer of ‘Beyond Boundaries’

Genre: Documentary
Director: Betsy Jose

Individuals who do not conform to heteronormative expectations of society face unique challenges in their day-to-day lives. This is compounded if they move to a new country and have to start life alone in an unfamiliar territory. Various aspects of their identities intersect and interact in making their life experiences distinctive as well as similar in many ways. ‘Beyond Boundaries’ takes a closer look at some of these stories.
‘Beyond Boundaries’ had its World Premiere at the Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival in November 2009. The film has earned several nominations and screenings both within and outside USA.

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