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Video Page: DarkMatter’s Poetry and Trans Politics

Photo of two brown, queer boys on a stage performing in front of a dark black background. One is wearing earrings, a blue overcoat, and a wite jumpsuit which has big baby pink and baby blue-colours flowers. Another is wearing bright blue lipstick, orange tee, and blue kneww-length shorts. They have their mouths wide open as if singing something.

Last month, we featured images of DarkMatter’s Alok Vaid-Menon who uses images of their gender transgressive attire in their activism to promote the visibility of transpeople. DarkMatter is a trans South Asian performance duo from New York. Janani Balasubramanian, the other half of the duo, also performs transgression through their attire and their art.

DarkMatter appear on The Laura Flanders Show to perform their spoken word poetry and chat about their trans politics, traversing issues of gender, race, desire, migration and more that connects to it.

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