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The Moment

It began with a smile, a touch, a moment shared

Emotions for which I was lovingly prepared

You held my hand, we hugged each other

I was lost in your love, wanting to go further

You stared at me, you gave me a smile,

I became the muse of the dance for a while

Rhythmically we stepped, movements pulsating

The warmth of your body I’m still embracing

Fingers entwined, bodies moved in time

Hearts pounding to eternal rhyme

Love-making takes us on a journey,

A journey that makes our life worthy

A path many a person wants to stride

But being skeptical about sharing, we hide.

Cover Image: Pixabay

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I am a storyteller and a life skills educator. I'm passionate about writing and expressing my thoughts and ideas. In my opinion, sexuality is an area which needs to be talked about and addressed thoughtfully.