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Picture of white fabric stained with red paint

Blood On Our Skirts

I remember the first time I learnt of menstruation as a ten year old. One of our friends had been initiated into the secret club of ‘women’, and her frequent visits to the washroom (though I hadn’t noticed it) became a matter of intense curiosity for a bunch of my classmates. I remember one of…
A black-and-white photo of a hand resting by an elbow, holding a cigarette. The nails are painted in a dark solid colour.

Voices: Unscripted

She leans over casually, across me, and rummages in her bag for a moment. I push away the spark of hope that had crept over me when she turned towards me. My heart sinks even further when I realise what she's pulled out - a cigarette. As she casually holds one end to her lips…
Comic panel. A school teacher offering an apple to a girl and a boy student, while both of them look at it skeptically.

“Don’t let your foot slip!” : Messages On ‘Appropriate’ Femininity By School Teachers In Mumbai    

“In Hindi, though there is a word for rape (balaatkaar), it is rarely used by women. Instead they say izzat lootna which translates as ‘losing one’s honour’” Viswanath (1997:323). The above quote illuminates the importance of the concept of honour or izzat in Indian society. Crucially, honour is a gendered concept as women are repositories…
Nivedita Menon, wearing a green turtle-neck sweater, sitting on a chair, smiling.

Nivedita Menon: On Feminism in the 21st Century

Nivedita Menon is a feminist writer and a political and social activist. She is a professor of political thought at Jawaharlal Nehru University, and writes for newspapers, the Economic and Political Weekly and for Kafila.org. She is also the author of Recovering Subversion: Feminist Politics Beyond the Law (2004) and Seeing Like A Feminist (2012).…
Painting of women sitting on the ground cross legged. One is rubbing the back of another. They are all looking solemn.

Brushstrokes: Seeing Through The Bold Strokes of Amrita Sher-Gil

To some Amrita Sher-Gil is the ‘Indian Frida Kahlo’. This month we feature five of her paintings which show women from varying walks of life, different socioeconomic classes and ages. Drawing inspiration from her own cross-cultural experiences, her mixed parentage, her art school background in Paris, and her own queer sexuality, Sher-Gil uses bold strokes and earthy…
Clip from an Axe Effect advertisement. A boy reading in a library, experiencing the "Axe Effect". Two girls are attracted towards him, hugging him from his shoulder. He is wearing blue tee shirt and glasses.

Male Gaze? What About Some Disco Balls?

I recently attended a talk titled ‘Streeshakti’ at the Jaipur Literature Festival. One of the speakers Lata Sharma, a Rajasthani writer, poet and critic, whilst giving examples of the corsets of the Victorian Era and the Okobo shoes still worn by Maiko (apprentice Geisha) in Japan asked a very simple yet thought provoking question, “सुन्दर…