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A still from Sumukhi Suresh's 'I Run When My Mom Calls'

Video: Run When Mom Calls | Sumukhi Suresh | Don’t Tell Amma

Stand-up comedian Sumukhi Suresh’s video I Run When my Mom Calls, part of her performance Don’t Tell Amma, is a boldly humorous reminder of lines drawn around us by tradition. She uses the figure of Amma (mother) to symbolise socio-cultural attitudes towards sex, particularly outside of marriage. With an air of resigned amusement, Sumukhi recounts…
Abish Matthew in a white shirt and black coat speaking into ear mike on a stage.

Casually Sexist Humour and the Reasonable Limits of Feministing

In March 2015, a popular Indian comic, Abish Mathew, performed at a college festival at the National Law University (NLU) in Delhi where he made, according to a FirstPost article (more on that soon), a bunch of “average” and “sexist” jokes (as if the first compounds the gravity of the other) on politician Mayawati’s looks,…
Comedian Aditi Mittal speaking into a mike.

Review: The Absurdities of Sexy and Funny Women

At the now infamous All India Bakchod Knockout roast last year, comedian Aditi Mittal told this joke about her fellow panellist Abish Mathew: “Abish, if a girl has sex with you she becomes a virgin again. You are literally a hymen repairman.” Though hardly the most vulgar joke of the evening, suddenly Mittal was fielding…