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sexual health

a woman dressed in red bridal wear, sitting with her face downwards

पोक्सो (POCSO) कानून, 2012 के समय में प्रेम और सेक्स

क्या हमें पोक्सो कानून के इन प्रावधानों को चुनौती नहीं देनी चाहिए क्योंकि इस कानून के अंतर्गत बच्चों की स्वायत्तता और उनके मौलिक अधिकारों को नज़रंदाज़ करते हुए प्रभावी रूप से उनके बीच आपसी सहमति से हर तरह के यौन संपर्क और व्यवहार को अपराध मान लिया गया है?
A poster. Two pairs of feet in black - one facing towards us, another away from us is in the centre. Words "SAFE LOVE" and "LOVE STORY" are written on wither side. On the top left and right are drawn man-man couple, and woman-woman couple respectively. On bottom left is a man-woman couple. On bottom right is drawn a finger on a lip, in a "shh" gesture.

Striving to get information about my body

As a 17 year old who grew up in a relatively liberal Indian household, I should probably be proud of the amount of information I’ve had access to, in a society that believes that sexual health is not something to be discussed with teenagers. It might then be a little unnerving when I say that…

Unraveling the Myth: People with Disabilities Do It Too

‘People say, someone who has a disability should not indulge in sex,’ Inocente, a blind man in his 40s, told a Human Rights Watch researcher in Zambia. This is a widely held view in the country, where stigma regarding the sexuality of people with disabilities is pervasive. This view is deeply troubling. The idea that…