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Pro Choice

a still from everyday feminism's comic, 'the hypocrisy of pro-life rhetoric'

Brushstrokes: The Hypocrisy of Pro-Life Rhetoric

Pro-life arguments have invoked faith and religion to decry a person’s right to seek an abortion, and the right to decide what to do with one’s body. But, as Everyday Feminism’s comic, The Hypocrisy of Pro-Life Rhetoric, breaks it down for us, it is not with religion or faith where the problem lies.
Photo of safe abortion advocate Suchitra Dalvie. She is standing near a podium, holding up a mic. She is wearing a black kurta and a pink scarf around her neck.

Interview: Suchitra Dalvie

Dr Suchitra Dalvie best known for her strong pro-choice views and her unflinching support for safe abortion, is also a blogger and a book lover, with deep insights into feminism and women’s rights.