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judith butler

An image of a wallpaper with stickers that says “Love Wins”, “Love is love” “Love is a Human Right” and “Support Love”. There are six thin lines in the form of a rainbow with pride colours

Queer Women and Law: Desire and Betrayal

Law is often violent – it incarcerates, shames our so-called deviance, and classifies who is worthy and not worthy of gaining access to rights and what kind of rights can be ceded at a particular moment. Yet, we believe we can change the law, make it sensitive to our existence
feminist theorist judith butler, wearing a black shirt and trousers, walks beside wheelchair-bound disability rights activit sunnaura taylor, who's wearing a bright red top.

When Sunaura Taylor and Judith Butler Go For a Walk

Disability activist Sunaura Taylor and post-structuralist philosopher Judith Butler decided to take a walk through the streets of San Francisco and the resultant video went viral on the Internet. The walk was featured in a film called ‘Examined Life’ directed by Astra Taylor, Sunaura’s sister, and deals mainly with the construction of spaces and bodies…