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A screenshot of the video. On the left side is an image of the mother, and on the right, the words- It’s Okay in white font colour are visible

Video: It’s OK Pammi!

The film begins with the mother’s dilemma around her daughter’s refusal to be ‘normal’ and marry a ‘decent boy’. As the story unfolds, we see the mother invite a ‘suitable boy’ for dinner on the same evening as the daughter’s partner is coming home to meet the family.
Painting of a woman standing free and elegantly on top of a moving bus, at sunset. Her hair flows back and one arm and leg are raised up in a graceful motion. From her hair flows bright pink and white glitter,

Issue In Focus: A Travelling Sexuality

Travel and sexuality throws up different thoughts and feelings for us all. For me, it threw up the term travelling sexuality. I like it. Travelling sexuality. It sounds exotic or intellectual, adventurous, dangerous, depending on who you are and how you live life. A travelling sexuality could describe the way we evolve as sexual beings, shifting and changing identities.
Poster of film "Astitiva". A woman wearing red bindi and mangalsutra is standing in the middle. A man on her left behind her with his side face, caressing his moustache. Another woman to her right behind the man, wearing white top, and long open hair.

Video Page: Astitva

This month, we are featuring a song called ‘Chal Chal Mere Sang Sang’ from the movie Astitva (2000). Astitva, which means Identity in Hindi, is a coming of age story about a woman who, late in life, seeks an identity of her own which is not defined by her relationships with men in the form…