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Identity’s Dance

Artwork by Shruti Sharma. It shows two girls, one smiling and holding on to a multi-coloured heart and the other one frowning. A rainbow in the background overlaid with a running film reel.

In search of self, a winding road I tread,
A quest for identity, where truth is often mislaid.
Compromising sexuality, a dance with the unknown,
In shadows and whispers, our desires are shown.

Entertainment spins its tales, weaving fantasy’s thread,
Shaping perceptions, where reality may be misled.
Through screens and stages, it paints a vivid scene,
Reflecting our struggles, where secrets lie unseen.

From silver screens to pages penned,
Our identities explored, where journeys never end.
In characters we find echoes of our own plight,
Navigating the maze between darkness and light.

But amidst the spectacle, we must discern,
The truths beneath the surface, where lessons are learned.
For in the search for self, we find our way,
Through compromise and revelation, to the light of day.

So let us embrace the complexities we find,
In the quest for identity, where hearts and minds align.
For in the dance of life, we are both audience and star,
Navigating the realms where our true selves are.

Cover Image: Art by Shruti Sharma