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A galaxy of stars with little illustrations and the title written in bright pink and green fonts in the centre.

Mission Orgasm

This Parodevi Pictures’ production from Agents of Ishq is a kaleidoscopic must-watch that takes us into the poorly understood ‘galaxy’ of female orgasm and sexual pleasure through a mobile-phone game – A Little Death – that helps people navigate this terrain unfamiliar to many in an exciting and accessible way.
A photograph of the author, Di Sands

Tomboy Femininity

When I finally came out to myself at age 16 and made it to a free queer youth space, I couldn’t wait to be accepted among folks who didn’t play by society’s heterosexist rules of masculine and feminine as polar opposites.
Three panles depicting three types of female bodies, with the captions, "China:, "Egypt", "USA" written below

Brushstrokes: Travelling Across Beauty Standards

Graphic designers from 18 countries across the world were asked to Photoshop a single image of a young woman, and the stark differences in how they chose to nip, tuck and morph are telling of the range of beauty standards in global cultures. Based on participants’ guesses, the study estimated the woman’s BMI for each…
Book cover with white background. Line drawing of a woman from waist to thighs, naked. On top is written the author's name in black "Emily Nayoski". Below it in red in cursive is written, "COME as you are".

Book Review: Come As You Are

You should venture to read Emily Nagoski’s book, Come As You Are in public. Not because you want to make your sex life public, but because the cover with the outline of a naked woman’s body makes a powerful statement. It says you don’t care much for patriarchal notions of shame. (And it will honestly…
Still from a black and white Indian film, "Aurat" (1940). A mother with her three kids.

Issue In Focus: Food, Drink and Sexuality

I met Lamai[1] at a spa in Bangkok. She was eager to talk, and told me about her village eight hours to the north of Bangkok. Her father was a farmer who owned land. She had worked with him until she had finished school and moved to Bangkok to start college. When she was finishing…