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Technically, thanks to the techies

It is rather edifying to find information that one can relate to through a solitary rectangular box. Over time, this solitary box somehow stuck around while everything around it changed as the world moved even further into a digital era.
Handcuffs and heels

Pleasure and Sexuality – What Is Beyond?

Over the years, my understanding of pleasure has changed. However, much of it is thanks to external inputs. It is thanks to people of all gender identities sharing how they feel pleasure in different ways.
Picture of a hairy catterpillar

 Hairy Caterpillars and I

There is someone in my life who had a terrible childhood, has had several liaisons and whose father married twice. He says that he hated his father. How would his father react to his son’s liaisons if he were alive? If I love a cyborg or a person of the same gender, how will my father react?
An illustration showing a naked body wearing only white and pink lace panties


Looking at my tiny/ Equally dusty, torn, ravished collection/I wonder/Why I kept coming back to you.