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Interview: Shruti Arora

Shruti Arora is a feminist trainer and researcher in the field of Gender and Sexuality. In this interview, she shares her insights on collective practices of building safe and sexuality-affirming spaces for young people, in friendships and community, digital and healthcare settings.
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Neelam And The Ballyhoo

Parents and significant adults in the lives of the Neelams of the world have been programmed to see age-appropriate sexual behaviour through the very narrow lens of “problems and disorders”.  Their engagement of professionals like myself is mostly restricted to seeking to curb in the Neelams what is natural and joyous.
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Issue In Focus: Privacy and Peer Relationships

If students of such young ages can have the agency to work around hard-wired issues of sexuality and privacy, bearing in mind consent, choice and failure as part of life, we see no reason for this sense of agency to not expand one’s sense of belonging and easily create change.
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पोक्सो (POCSO) कानून, 2012 के समय में प्रेम और सेक्स

क्या हमें पोक्सो कानून के इन प्रावधानों को चुनौती नहीं देनी चाहिए क्योंकि इस कानून के अंतर्गत बच्चों की स्वायत्तता और उनके मौलिक अधिकारों को नज़रंदाज़ करते हुए प्रभावी रूप से उनके बीच आपसी सहमति से हर तरह के यौन संपर्क और व्यवहार को अपराध मान लिया गया है?

Mid-Air Between Heaven and Earth

The concluding chapter reiterates the aims of the book, i.e., “to start critical conversations within the disciplines of psychology, social work, childhood studies, and family studies in India and to think about exclusions inherent in these disciplines.
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We Need More Sexuality Education in Nepal

There has been so much discourse about sex and sexuality education all over the world that I perhaps may not be the only one to retrospect about it, in the context of my country, Nepal, before it became the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal as recently as 2008. I don't remember when I heard the…
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The Adolescent and the Family: Rethinking Restraint, Dialogue and Inter-dependence

An integral part of adolescents’ lived experiences of sexuality and romance often include negotiations with their families[1]. My research indicates that romantic love amongst adolescents is termed as a distraction by parents, as something which ‘hampers’ studies, is ‘risky’ and not supposed to be ‘indulged’ in. Romantic love is best thought about after and outside…