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Youngsters wearing red shirts with "Enough is enough" written in black march on a road, carrying placards reading "Child sexual abuse - what are you doing about it?"; "The most public secret needs to be told"; and "it takes a community to protect a child."


Our interview section this month features excerpts from three of our past interviews on issues in dealing with adolescent sexuality: I. Vidya Reddy is one of the co-founders of TULIR - Centre for Prevention and Healing of Child Sexual Abuse. She talks here about what sexual consent means among older teens. She was interviewed in January…
Black and white drawing of a young boy whistling. Around him is written "drugs", "alcohol", "love affair", "dirty jokes", "cigarettes", "AIDS" in clockwise direction. With each of these words is drawn a representation of that word.

Review: Sexuality in Moral Science and Adolescent Education Textbooks

Textbook Regimes: A Feminist Critique of Nation and Identity is a book published by Nirantar that explores the linkages between nationalism, identity and gender in school textbooks. The study attempts to understand the politics of school textbooks, moving beyond standard techniques of addressing gender.This feminist critique uses power as a key concept to analyse how…
A young woman smiling. She is wearing a white top, and has her hair open.

“Is there anything you want to ask me?”

A lot of research concludes that globally, young people aren’t learning enough about sexuality, and that they would like to learn more. My own PhD research will probably conclude something similar, at least in part. But I thought I would take this idea as the starting point for my post, rather than the conclusion –…