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Sexual Healing with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Against a blue background, the picture of a hand and a butterfly flying above it. The text on top reads 'Emotional Freedom Techniques'

IMG_6317Sex and sexuality are taboo subjects and not openly discussed. Yet, it is only when the sperm and egg fuse together that new human life can be created. And the act of sex is one way that can lead to this, apart from all the other benefits it has to offer. Instead of being shunned, what if sex, sexuality and sexual reproduction were topics that were openly accepted? Suppose, somehow, issues surrounding these areas could be embraced in a manner to create healthy behaviours and attitudes? From my years of running training seminars in mental and emotional health, sex and sexuality are frequent topics that emerge, requiring therapy and holistic healing. In some cases the surface issue is not related to sexuality, for example low confidence, thyroid dysfunction and even depression, and yet resolution is gained by addressing the deeper taboo topics.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a therapy that is clinically proven to heal stress, anxiety, depression, fears and past traumatic memories, thus making it a valuable tool for mental and emotional health, as well as resolving issues surrounding sexuality. These can range from clearing:

• Emotions like fear, guilt, shame and embarrassment connected to sexuality

• Fear of sexual intimacy, in many cases, for people embarking on a sexual relationship for the first time

• Changes that occur during puberty and associated discomfort, if any

• Thoughts learnt during life experiences that can cause limitations and blocks:

o It’s not safe to be a girl

o It’s a burden being a boy

o People who engage in sex are bad

• Depression related to sexual rejection or inadequacy

• Emotional discomfort and pain, opening the possibility to pleasure and joy
• Medical issues like sexual dysfunction and inability to conceive

• Past negative memories of sexual trauma, abuse or even rape

• Addictions like over-eating, smoking, drugs and alcohol as a result of sexual trauma and rejection of self

EFTEFT is not only effective in clearing the negative charge of past traumas, like rape or abuse, but it can also eliminate negative thoughts and emotions about sexuality. It works by first distancing the past memory and then eliminating the traumatic emotions associated with the event and finally gaining a cognitive shift where the old incident becomes a ‘past story’, opening the door to self-forgiveness and acceptance. At times resolving the past trauma can also have a physical benefit. For example, a male client during training uncovered a memory of being abused by the ‘laundry man or dhobi’, where the boy was inappropriately touched at the age of six. Using EFT, this memory was cleared and the client’s neck pain was also relieved through that.

In case of limiting thoughts, EFT identifies the very first time that thought was born. For example, one client had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and during EFT training, she identified a thought where she felt rejected as a girl and uncovered a memory on being born, where her grandmother said, “Oh no! She is a girl. She will be worth nothing.” These words caused the client to feel rejected as a woman. Her body reacted with biochemical changes, and she experienced an increase in testosterone, facial hair growth, weight around the abdomen and disturbances in the normal functioning of her reproductive system. She was subsequently diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome). On healing with EFT the client’s PCOS reversed and she became more comfortable being herself.

In summary, EFT is a therapeutic tool that combines tapping on meridians on the face and upper body, with saying specific truth statements out loud to accept what happened. It creates a sense of peace and calm, relieving stress in seconds. To find out more and download free booklets on EFT please go here.