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Reviews: TARSHI Talks

Against a white background, the red-and-black text reads, "Tarshi talks about sexuality and relationships"

All clear…. no hush hush

TARSHI Talks on ‘sexuality and relationships’ is such a welcome sea of information about sexes, sex, sexuality and relationships in an objective and ‘non-taboo’ manner.

As is very evident, the information has been compiled from many varied books and articles and makes a complete picture in itself if you are looking for a comprehensive account for your growing up boys and girls. And the sexes have just not been confined to two in the book!!

Such topics have long been avoided in schools and homes especially in non metro towns or come in extremely abridged versions. Since, we as adults in mainstream Indian society, ourselves too, have not been really informed about sexuality in the right manner, there is forever a discomfort to pass on explanations and details of these topics to our younger ones. The millennium era and internet has sure opened many a doors for our youngsters to information but how much is relevant and required and ‘how much more?’ has not ceased to give us nightmares and anxiety.

In this scenario, such books in an audio format offer privacy to soak in all the information without feeling awkward and having to answer some unnecessary questions. It also becomes an extremely handy way to communicate to our children, students and peers…. And why…even elders!

In keeping with TARSHI’s themes of educational information, this audio book is an interesting, relevant and informative account divided between many chapters. The varied voices of Radio Mirchi presenters are energetic, authentic and contribute to make the narrative an interesting piece saving you from boredom of just listening on.

Though a little long, the exhaustive narrative on sex, sexuality, risks, abuse, and other facts could be used by teens, care givers, parents and teachers as this is an immensely useful piece to introduce about changing bodies, their behavior and sexuality. The vulnerable and precarious age groups in our households and schools need to be informed about the birds and the bees in a constructive and positive unbiased way which prepares and empowers them to make the right choices.

The knowledge about bodies of other sexes is also as important as your own since we usually do not have a reliable source to give us such a complete account. For example, information about intersex and transgender persons is a rich and welcome feature which usually has been evaded for long and needs to be a part of our information bank now.

Successful in retaining a tone of objectivity, information of sexual expressions and relationships in the audio would be helpful to deconstruct many wrong notions and be actually instrumental in exercising safe practices. Youngsters are always attracted to explore and their guardians are anxious!! This audio handbook will help you to tell them the reality and save them from possible risks.

A detail about the risks involved and ways of keeping safe would help listeners to explore safely and not be harmed by myths that surround these topics. You would also get to know of support services in case of need. And if you still want to know more, there is information about many online sites that would give you more.

Must mention an add on benefit for all the print impaired friends too…. Especially persons with visual impairment who will find the audio book, a pandora’s box of information that is so difficult for them to access in print or pictures only till date.

The book has been recorded in a very organized form and can be easily read, skipped, or jumped on DAISY and other compatible players. Or you could also listen to it on a simple DVD player too….with or without your head phones on!!