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Nimisha Bhanot's painting titled "Money, Kitty Parties & Clothes Is All A Bahu Knows". A brown woman sits on a stool with her legs crossed, red wine in right hand, and cards in the left. She wears a cut-sleeves lehnga; heavy white jewellery in the neck and wrists; and mehndi in hands, full arms, and feet. The lehnga is pulled-up till the knee, showing her legs. She weas a bindi, a nose ring, and a red lisptick, and is staring straight-ahead expression-less.
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This Pinup Series Portrays Indian Women (Accurately) As Sexually Liberated Badasses

“Badass Indian Pinups” – a series of paintings by Indo-Canadian artist Nimisha Bhanot shows Indian women breaking traditional stereotypes. Women stare boldly and confidently at the viewer through pin-up style paintings with cheeky titles like ‘Not Your Mom’s Bahu’, ‘Sweeping Patriarchy Under the Rug’ and ‘Ironing out Wrinkles in your Perception’.

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