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Embracing Self

pink flower in macro shot with visible dew droplets.

An obese body filled with dreams so vast,
Yet self-doubt’s shadow on her confidence cast.
In the night, she finds her quiet space.
A time for self-love, her special embrace.

For morning brings the world’s critique,
But in darkness, she finds strength unique.
Sobbing and venting, she releases her pain.
Her resilience grows with every drop, like rain.

Why must others judge her appearance and grace
When true beauty is not confined to a face?
In a world obsessed with the outer shell,
She knows in her heart inner beauty dwells.

Let’s celebrate her spirit; her dreams are so bright.
She shines with a radiance that is pure and light.
In the world of fashion, materialism’s illusion,
She’s the embodiment of true self-confusion.

So, let’s lift her up with words of love and care.
In her journey, we all have a share.
Together, we’ll break free from society’s mould
With positivity and support, her story unfolds.

Cover Image: Photo by George Maher on Unsplash