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Constructing Pillars

A low angle photograph of whitish coloured pillars/columns on a building

Unbiased academic                                                                  Pillars


Stand rock hard and

Straight-shoot to the sky.                                                         Pillars


My teacher tells me all study

Is academic, we leave no one out.                                            Pillars

We walk hand in hand. We queue

From tall to short and other arrangements

Of categorisation.


On the day they spill juice on me – it is

All a part of the learning process, you see.


Strike a balance

a balance                                                                                  Pillars

b a l a n c e


Erasing me with hot erasers – would you leave

Remnants on the sick student’s desk? I see

a trail of f(r)iction, a blazing trail of

Unbiased history under the scrapings of

Correction tape.                                                                       Pillars





Cover Image:Unsplash

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