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SISA Spaces and Sexuality

Kun Faya Kun: Embodying Non-Conformity

This article was originally published here. My social media timeline repulses me. It’s filled with cis-het conformity among other things, and there is nothing more alienating than the recurring reminder that everyone around me is not like me, does not look like me, does not live like me. Alienating, and lonely; but in cisgendered, heteronormative…
A photograph of a woman’s face with a mural in the background. The woman has short black hair and a nose piercing. She is smiling.

Interview: Shruti Arora

There may already be another organisation in the community to share resources with but for community-led initiatives, a shared perspective on Safe, Inclusive, Sexuality-Affirming (SISA) spaces is also important. Sometimes when the shared perspective is not there, that becomes a challenge.

Brushstrokes: Who We’re Leaving Out of Sex Positivity – And How to Make It More Inclusive

This post was originally published here. While sex-positive spaces affirm our right to pleasurable sexuality, they might leave out experiences which are not-so-good or complicated. Our experiences of sexuality are unique to our socio-political and economic location, disability status, gender identity and sexual orientation, and so on. Everyday Feminism’s comic illustrates the complexity and diversity…

Video: How to be a Friend to Yourself

This post was originally published here. Why is it easier for us to be compassionate and accepting of our friends more than of ourselves? Why are we hard on ourselves but so generously offer our friends support and solace? This thought-provoking, luminously illustrated The School of Life video reminds us of self-compassion being essential to…