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Queer Rights

A park in which multiple couples are seen sitting together at various points. There are two big trees on each side, casting shadows on the same-sex couple sitting in the very centre with their backs turned.

Voices: Finding Pride

In Warsaw, it was a remnant.  My first lesson in language barriers came with an incorrect translation of the time of Pride, and I found myself at the beginning of the route two hours after everyone had begun to march.  Still, as I walked the route on my own I saw the community and its…
White text against a black background which reads "Rage. No Going Back. 15 December 2013." The words '377' are crossed out, to protest Section 377.

Protest Against The Supreme Court Ruling On Section 377

Global Day of Rage Against Section 377. December 15, 2013. New Delhi, India. What: Section 377 of Indian Penal Code is an 1860 law that penalizes non peno-vaginal sexual activity. The act has been often used to target the LGBT community. When: On 11th December, 2013, the Supreme Court of India set-aside the High Court Judgment of 2009…
Two men in a public bus facing each other, one of them standing behind the other and they are looking at each other fondly.

Video Page: Lost & Found

Lost & Found is about two strangers trying to steal a moment of passion while looking for their own space in a crowded public bus; in the middle of summer; in the bustling metropolis of New Delhi. What follows is a typical comedy of errors and misunderstandings which lead to a light-hearted climax. Shrenik in…
In Plainspeak English Audit In Plainspeak English Audit 100% 10 A photo of queer feminist activist Rudrani Chhetri. Her hair is tied up in a bun, and she is wearing a simple patterned top and jacket. She is also wearing gold earrings and a golden locket. Screen reader support enabled. A photo of queer feminist activist Rudrani Chhetri. Her hair is tied up in a bun, and she is wearing a simple patterned top and jacket. She is also wearing gold earrings and a golden locket.

Voices: Interview With Rudrani Chettri

On December 13, 2013 - Jasmine George  from TARSHI interviewed Rudrani Chettri, Director of Mitr Trust, a Community Based Organization (CBO) in New Delhi, India. Rudrani talked about her reaction to the Supreme Court's judgement on Section 377 as well as her work as the director of Mitr Trust. She also talked about the Hijra community…
Photo of a pride flag, representing seven colours of the rainbow.

Voices: Terha Pakistan

‘Pakistan is a homophobic place,’ Karim continues. ‘As in any other conservative society, queers can have all the sex and love that they want – as long as they’re quiet about it. One of the problems with this is that people can get away with a lot of things, murder included.’ He pauses. ‘There are…
An abstract photo of rocks and water.

मैं और तुम

    मैं अलग हूँ, कैसे? तुमने पूछा | मैंने तुम्हें लौटाया, खाली हाथ, बैरंग, छूछा | मेरा प्रेम बद्ध नहीं है, धर्म, जाति, आयु से ... लिंग से भी नहीं ... क्योंकि समलैंगिक भले हूँ मैं, पर है मेरे पास भी, प्रेम की, विराट मंजूषा | ----------------- तुमने चोट पहुंचाई, मुझ तक न पहुँच…
A still from the movie "Tomboy", showing a young child in a white vest and blue jacket that's falling off her shoulders.

Reel Review: Tomboy – Innocent, Subversive, Powerful

Celine Sciamma’s ‘Tomboy’, is a brilliantly woven tale that dissolves rigid gender and sexual boundaries and defies quite a few dominant normative perceptions in the process. Laure (played by Zoe Heran) is 10, biologically assigned female but feels more comfortable in boys’ clothes. A tall, lanky body and cropped blonde hair aid her alternate personality…
Photo of a landscape showing a water body and a mountain in the distance, with a rainbow.

The Editorial: Queer Rights

Happy New Year! We hope all your desires and expectations for 2014 are fulfilled. Despite everything that has happened, we are optimistic that they will be. It is in this spirit of optimism and hope that we offer you this edition of our blog In Plainspeak. The theme of this issue quite fittingly is Queer Rights,…