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Power and Sexuality

picture of lawyer and activist madhu mehra. she wears a pink saree with a beige blouse and sits at a desk before a microphone

Interview: Madhu Mehra – Part 1

In this issue of In Plainspeak, we interview Madhu Mehra, lawyer and feminist activist. She is a founding member and the Executive Director of Partners for Law in Development (PLD), a legal resource group on women’s rights.
illustration of a distorted face, painted in pinks and yellows

Media and the Power of Responsible Representation

It is the winter of 2013, and my father and I are sitting at an awkward distance from each other on the living room couch, our eyes trained on the television set as a popular prime time news debate discusses a subject we have never before talked to each other about – homosexuality. It is only a few days since Section 377 has been reinstated by the Supreme Court, and the television and print media bombards us with discussion after discussion on ‘alternate’ sexualities and LGBTQ rights.
a picture of bdsm handcuffs lying on the floor with someone's foot wearing a heel beside it

The Nuances of Power Equations in BDSM

Irrespective of the gender or sexual orientation of the people involved, the only way the scales of power can be balanced in favour of everyone involved, is through explicit, well-informed consent.
silhouette of a woman smoking against a black background - empowerment

Brushstrokes: Pussy and Patron

Photographer Roshni Kumar’s photo-series, Pussy and Patron, seeks to challenge this, drawing inspiration from “retro erotica” to capture photos of the nude female form expressing desire and sexual agency in empowered ways.
A placard against a black background, on which is written 'Idea Junction, Colombo Pride 2018.'

The Ocean in My Veins

The circulation of our bodily energies potentially ushers queer futurities. A future that is yet to come, a future in which our bodies will not be imprinted with fear. A future in which newer creative economies of desire, love, and pleasure surround us like the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. I write this brief reflection in hopes of such futures.