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Mobility and Sexuality

A picture of birth control pills in various colours

Sex talk

Half an hour into the bus trip from Chisinau to the village where I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in central Moldova, my seatmate beckoned to the book on my lap and asked if she could have a look. A friend of my host family, she was a well-educated woman in her early 30s…
A white board with a couple of polaroid pictures and the text "Beyond Boundaries: Experiences of Immigrants with Diverse Sexualities". The words "With love to the GLBT office, Betsy" are written in permanent marker

Video: Trailer of ‘Beyond Boundaries’

Genre: Documentary Director: Betsy Jose Individuals who do not conform to heteronormative expectations of society face unique challenges in their day-to-day lives. This is compounded if they move to a new country and have to start life alone in an unfamiliar territory. Various aspects of their identities intersect and interact in making their life experiences…
The pregnant bellies of three women standing in a line. One of them wears a green saree, the other two wear red sarees.

The Invisible Mother: The ‘Stigma’ of Surrogacy

Mobility is undertaken for varied reasons across contemporary global spaces. One emerging reason for travel and mobility is reproduction. ‘Reproductive tourism,' as it is popularly known,has far-reaching consequences for those involved in it. At the crux of this is India’s rapidly growing and currently unregulated commercial surrogacy industry, estimated to be worth US $445 million…
Photo of gay activist Debanuj Dasgupta. He is wearing a brown sweater and cap, and has a thick beard.

Interview: Debanuj DasGupta

Debanuj DasGupta’s current activism and research travels take him through India, UK and the US focusing on issues of national security, migration, and embodied justice. A Doctoral Candidate in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at The Ohio State University, Debanuj co-founded the first HIV and AIDS prevention project among men-who-have-sex-with-men and gay men in Kolkata in…
Neenu Kewlani (centre), Gopika Anand (right) and Divya Arora. the winners of the first Miss Wheelchair India contest, decked up in colourful sarees and makeup
Neenu Kewlani (centre), Gopika Anand (right) and Divya Arora were the winners of the first Miss Wheelchair India contest; Pic Source: BBC

Mobility and sexuality – Re-writing common perceptions

… the heroine an amputee on a microprocessor controlled prosthetic leg with a hydraulic foot and ankle system raises her arm to her partner's shoulder… … music crescendo … extras freeze … the spotlight holds on heroine as hero draws her into his arms, picks her up and holds her high above his head, the…
A woman dressed in a black sweater and a green hijab, wearing dark-rimmed glasses

Brushstrokes: Featuring Humans of New York

These are photographs from the now famous collection Humans of New York. Photographer Brandon Staunton has been navigating the city with his camera and has taken 50,000 portraits and written over 50 stories. We feature a few portraits that show children, men and women speaking of relationships, their dislocation, of sexual health, of sexuality, of…