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Masculinities and Sexuality

The Ardhanarishwara replacing Goddess Durga

उभयलिंगी देवत्व : कोलकाता की दुर्गा पूजा में ट्रांस-सेक्शुअलिटी का उत्सव 

प्रतिमा का यह एक-चला रूप, जिसकी उपासना पहचान और पहचान की राजनीति से जुड़े क्विअर समुदाय के लोग करते हैं, जैविक सम्बन्धों और विषमलैंगिकता के विचार पर बनी परिवार की इस परिभाषा को चुनौती देता है।
Feminist symbol

Feminist or Feminazi?

The use of terms that convert the movement for women’s empowerment into extreme militancy in order to reject the movement altogether is indeed a sombre example of diverting attention from the real problems that exist in society and projecting women’s protests against sexual crimes or standing up for their rights as one of “mob lynchings” or wrongly adducing the news of repealing “Adultery” as a move that allows women to have sexual relations outside of marriage.
A picture of a group of young girls in school uniform

Let’s Get Uncomfortable: How The Control Of Girls’ Sexuality Is Everybody’s Business In The World Of Child Marriage

This immense pressure to perform masculinity throughout each day and night not only impacts men’s wellbeing, but it also inevitably impacts the way they interact with the world around them. These interactions – this performance of control over oneself and others – reinforce the social norms and norms of power that drive gender inequality.

Brushstrokes: Harassment

Whether it is by checking harassment from fellow men, or by questioning one’s own internalisation of subtly sexist and harmful behaviour, there’s a whole range of ways to go about making a positive shift