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Fantasy and Sexuality

Illustration of a woman in a dance pose of stretching herself up effortlessly. Her one knee is bent up at 90 degree to the waist, chest pointing out, head thrown back downward, and the opposite side arm going up.

Issue In Focus: Fantasies – Our Pleasure, Our Business, Our Right

Sexual fantasies allow us to conjure up worlds that we want to play with, but in reality, we may not really want. A fantasy is different from a wish. So people may have sexual fantasies about things that they may never act out – like having sex in front of a multitude of onlookers, or with a zebra, or a famous film star or the neighbour next door. And it’s all safe.
Photo of a piece of paper from an autograph diary. It has signatures of Indian cricketers Vinod Kambli, and Sachin Tendlkar.

The Girl Who Dreamt an Impossible Dream

The dream soon turned into an obsession, fuelled by my kind and supportive father who would’ve done the same for me no matter what I had decided to obsess over. Before I knew it, my whole life revolved around cricket. I had a room full of posters of men who played cricket, and a brain full of cricket facts and trivia. The posters covered every inch of my room. I remember picking up new ones every other week from the street-side sellers of Connaught Place in Delhi, and found one with every new issue of The Hindu’s sports magazine called Sports Star.
A chinese woman and man sitting in a living room of a house. The man has his left arm wrapped around her back. They are making the vicrtory symbol with their hands. The room has TV behind them, a dining table in front of them, and a room plant in a corner.

Video Page: Li Chenxi Keeps Up the Fantasy by Renting a Boyfriend

Trying to live up to the expectations of those you care about isn't easy! Li Chenxi is 27 years old and has been facing pressure from her family to get married. She herself has no such desire and is fine with the way she lives; but to keep those she cares about happy she, like so many of us, finds a creative way to sustain her mum’s fantasy!
A pink-coloured vibrating penis ring.

Interview: Ute Pauline Wiemer on Lovetreats and Sex

Ute Pauline Wiemer, along with her partner Balaji, founded Lovetreats in Bangalore in 2015. Lovetreats is an online retail space and discussion forum for people to buy intimate sexual wellness and health products as well as exchange ideas and learn about topics such as sexuality and intimacy.
Kink. A rod with a round-shaped end with spikes coming out of it held near a nude woman's navel by someone not visible in the picture.

Brushstrokes: Fantasy and Kink

No fantasy is wrong. Or sick. Or immoral. Just like good intentions are worthless unless they lead to fruitful actions, wicked fantasies aren’t wrong or sick unless they lead to wicked acts. And no, they don't have to. That is the point of kink.
Painting of a little girl holding a big fish in her hand. She is in a big fiery landcape of a water body, sand dunes, and big rocks.

मेरी कल्पनाओं ने किया आज़ाद मुझे

मेरी कल्पना में... मैं उड़ती नहीं ... मगर तोड़ी हैं बेड़ियाँ उन कल्पनाओं के पीछे... देखें हैं सपने जिन्हें बुना था मैंने अपनी कल्पनाओं में, क्यूंकि नींद तो खेल रही थी दूर कहीं मेरे बचपन के साथ और उठाए थे कदम मेरी सच्चाई पर पड़े हिजाब उतारने के लिए...