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Brushstrokes: These Tweets Delightfully Feminist Up this Classic Bollywood Film

Still from DDLJ, Kajol running towards a running train while Shah Rukh Khan extenda a hand from the train

Our Brushstrokes features usually add a visual dimension to our theme of the month, but this time around, since the theme itself is a visual one, words might befit the section as strokes of genius.

Twitter was hashtagging the 21st anniversary of the classic Bollywood film, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995) a few months ago, and human rights organisation Breakthrough did a fun take on it by asking its followers to feminist up the film’s iconic dialogue, “Ja, Simran, Ja,” uttered in the last scene by her patriarch father as he finally lets her go from his frightful clutches so she can leap on to a train.

Here are some delightful Tweets that did the rounds, with captions by Breakthrough:

Next time, you are buying sanitary napkins and the shopkeeper wraps it in a black polythene or brown paper.


Also, when you are bored and walking past any random space remember.


When your exercise routine involves organising women workers before breakfast.


Oh and you do know that notions of beauty are all a social construct right?


And then came the SHOW STOPPER.


Be Simran and challenge gender roles.




This is a guy traveling around the Eurorail, stealing beer and gatecrashing his girlfriend’s wedding. What privilege!


Pro-Choice, all the way!


What a ‘pure’ message!



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Cover image: Movie still from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge