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An illustration of a woman facing sideways with snakes in place of her hair.
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oh so beautiful!

radiating beauty,

a mere reflection,

of male gaze,

curse, shame and monstrous.

Controlled, yet untamed,

beauty unto conquerable,

curbing her assertion & sexuality.

Complete distortion.

A false sense of agency.


She shines through,

a face of free spirit.

(Poem by: Anisha Dutt)

Medusa (Charcoal) by James; For more of James’ work, please visit his website.

Article written by:

His works as an artist are the best representation of what he is all about. Heavily inspired by the ‘less explored’, he occasionally dabbles into the world around him, the tenets and bastions of society, sometimes giving a new dimension to his favorite sentence — ‘always question!’