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Brushstrokes: Finding Home

Excerpt from comic, "Finding Home"

For a lot of queer people, ‘home’ can hold complicated meanings. The space of one’s home can be fraught with bigotry and alienation, and be far from safe or comforting. And so, there is a quest to find alternate ‘homes’, to find a space where we feel truly accepted, safe and protected. These alternate homes may take multiple forms – people, a community, physical places, the online world, pride parades – reiterating the notion that a safe space doesn’t have to be physical, or static, or limited, that it can take varying forms, depending on each individual. Teenasai Balamu and Siddhi Surte’s comic, Finding Home, beautifully illustrates the myriad ways in which a safe, inclusive ‘home’ can manifest itself for those who are queer.

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