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A slide of the graphic recording of the webinar series by CREA and CommonHealth. On a white background are coloured illustrations to give the effect of spiral writing pads and notes. A hand is visible till the forearm holding a pen and writing ‘The Implications of MTP Amendment on Access Beyond COVID-19’. The pointers are typographically presented.
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Brushstrokes: Decriminalisation of Abortion in India

These graphic records were illustrated by Sonaksha Iyengar for the CREA – CommonHealth webinar series on decriminalisation of abortion in India and were originally published on CREA’s website.

What is the historical and current legal landscape of abortion in India? How does the criminalisation of abortion affect reproductive autonomy? What does the existing law on abortion state? What are the new amendments that were approved by the Lower House of the India Parliament? What are the implications for accessing sexual and reproductive health services in a crisis situation such as COVID-19? The graphic representations of a three-part webinar series organised by Common Health and CREA address these questions and attempt to build an understanding of the decriminalisation of abortion and how it could ensure access to safe, affordable, timely and rights-based services.

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