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Brushstrokes: Inside Singapore’s Only Shelter For Homeless Transgender Women

Forty-three year old activist, June, transitioned with the full support of her loving family when she was 17, but she’s one of the exceptions rather than the rule. Many other transwomen in Singapore face homelessness and neglect, lacking safe, sustainable spaces for shelter and comfort.

And so, June and her late sister Irene (who was also transgender) took it upon themselves to “to give and do more for others”, and together they began the first shelter for homeless transwomen in Singapore. They started out by housing three women in an attic back in 2014, and now with the help of public donations they have been able to expand to a larger facility where up to 12 homeless transwomen at a time can live and reshape their notion of home.

See photos here: https://broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/j5e8ap/inside-singapores-only-shelter-for-homeless-transgender-women

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