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And all my life I’ve lived alone.

What it means to be beautiful, I’ve never known.

I’ve had partners but I pushed them all away,

My sense of ugliness was like a fort to keep love at bay.

Now, at fifty three, I take marriage vows again.

Love can kiss wrinkles, scars and sagging breasts.

Years have built my courage, and now I know.

Of being rejected, I fear no more.

And when we hold hands and walk on the beach,

Him wanting me to be forever within his reach,

When his rough fingers caress my ragged skin

I know, of love and beauty, love did win.

I look back with regret at all the years I spent

Crying over my disfigured nose, stretch marks and fat legs.

Oh! Why did I give it no thought?

That self-love, truly, is the greatest love of all.

You’ll feel only so much worth, as you give to yourself

‘Cause darling, nothing is sexier than confidence!

This post was originally published under this month, it is being republished for the anniversary issue.

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