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Author: Guest Writer

My Boundaries, My Pleasure

I was 30 years old when memories of the sexual abuse I experienced as a child flooded my conscious thoughts. I was sitting in a session with a client – I am a mental health professional – when suddenly, a memory of playing hide-and-seek made its way out of my subconscious mind.

कैसे सीखा कि मैं खुद को प्यार करने की हकदार हूँ

अभी एक दिन, एक पुराना दोस्त और मैं व्हाट्सएप पर बात कर रहे थे। उन्होंने हाल ही में एक लड़की, एक पुराने प्यार (क्रश) से बात करना शुरू किया था। वह ‘पहली लड़की’ थी जिससे उन्होंने कभी डेट के लिए पूछा था। वो उनका ‘पहला प्यार’ थी। उस दिन उन्होंने पाँच साल बाद बात की…
Against a dark background, the side profile of a woman. Her eyes are closed and her complexion is dark.

No One Even Knows Your Name Here

There’s a pregnant pause as he fumbles for his keys, and I, for a definitive answer. Packaged as an innocuous statement, there hangs a question between us: No one even knows your name here, in this remote corner of the antiquated town we’ve found ourselves in. And yet, we’re in front of a door, planning to know so much more.
A woman swimming in a dark green-blue sea.

The Long Route to Being Comfortable With My Sexuality

I have been out of school for close to five years. I recently met up with a friend from school after a very long time, and we got down to talking about how our peers and we have changed drastically compared to who we were back in school, and who we were expected to become…
Two white dogs having anal sex.

Don’t be a (Coyote) Dick; There Are No Classy Risqué Jokes

“Vanna-cum?” – This was a Tamil-English booty call SMS I once received from a friend with benefits (reproduced here with permission, I promise). It was an atrocious, atrocious pun. I didn’t even get it at first. When I finally did, it was an acquired taste. But yes, it grew on me, and I’ve begun to…