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Author: TARSHI Team

Sexy Times Survey: Preliminary Results

TARSHI has been running a survey (we're still accepting responses) to understand how people feel about their sexual lives during the pandemic and how (and if) they have been getting sexual pleasure. Here are key results from our first batch of responses (250 people). Respondents identified as women (66%), men (28%), queer/non-binary/gender fluid (2%). A majority…
A Conversation on the Personal and the Political with Queer Feminists Rituparna Borah and Jaya Sharma

Interview: A Conversation on the Personal and the Political with Queer Feminists Rituparna Borah and Jaya Sharma

Delhi-based queer feminist activists Rituparna Borah and Jaya Sharma recorded a conversation they had about their views around marriage. While both women maintain their stances of critique towards the institution of marriage, what they agree upon and investigate as their chat progresses is that marriage has a pull that even its staunchest opponents will have to acknowledge and attempt to understand.
Debanuj Dasgupta sitting on a chair, speaking something. On bottom left of photo is written his name and designation "socialist and activist".

Interview: Debanuj Dasgupta on Immigration Rights

Debanuj DasGupta’s current activism and research travels take him through India, UK and the US focusing on issues of national security, migration, and embodied justice. In this (republished) interview, he chats with TARSHI about the issues of queering immigration.
Dr Watsa sitting on a chair, with his hands on his chin. He is wearing coat, tie, and a watch.

Interview: Three Minutes with Dr Watsa

Mahinder Watsa is a 92-year old gynaecologist and sexologist, famous for his Ask the Sexpert column in Mumbai Mirror for the past 10 years, and is an author of It's Normal, a book that explains human sexual anatomy, defines complex notions such as love, partnership and consent, and takes on popular myths. He has spent a lifetime dispelling sexual ignorance and is known for his wry humour and blunt answers.
Meena Seshu squatting on the floor as an older woman sitting on the floor caresses her on the cheek. Several women stand around them, looking on. Seshu is wearing a purple kurta, and the older woman wears a yellow saree.

Interview – Kiran Deshmukh

किरण देशमुख वैम्प प्लस की अध्यक्ष हैं। हमने एचआईवी एवं यौनिकता के विषय पर किरण के साथ ईमेल के द्वारा बातचीत की। प्रस्तुत हैं इसी साक्षात्कार के अंश - वैम्प (वेश्या अन्याय मुक्ति परिषद्) और वैम्प प्लस क्या है? वैम्प धंधा करने वाली औरतों का संगठन है और वैम्प प्लस धंधा करने वाली पॉजिटिव औरतों…
A close up photo of a bunch of clams

Interview: Food and Sexuality Via Email with Radhika Chandiramani

Radhika Chandiramani founded TARSHI in 1996. She is a recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship for Leadership Development and the Soros Reproductive Health and Rights Fellowship. Radhika trained as a clinical psychologist at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) and is the author of the book Good Times for Everyone: Sexuality Questions, Feminist Answers.…
Youngsters wearing red shirts with "Enough is enough" written in black march on a road, carrying placards reading "Child sexual abuse - what are you doing about it?"; "The most public secret needs to be told"; and "it takes a community to protect a child."


Our interview section this month features excerpts from three of our past interviews on issues in dealing with adolescent sexuality: I. Vidya Reddy is one of the co-founders of TULIR - Centre for Prevention and Healing of Child Sexual Abuse. She talks here about what sexual consent means among older teens. She was interviewed in January…

Interview: Sheema Kermani

Sheema Kermani is a cultural activist, theatre practitioner, theatre director and a known Pakistani exponent of Indian classical dance. She had studied Bharatanatyam under Leela Samson and Odissi under Aloka Panicker during her previous visits to India. In 1979, she founded a women’s organization called Tehrik-e-Niswan. TARSHI: You have chosen a very unconventional and powerful mode of protest in the…
photo of activist Dr. Payoshini Mitra. She wears glasses and long hair, and is wearing a black sweater with an orange-and-black patterned scarf


Dr. Payoshni Mitra, a researcher, activist and writer working on gender issues in sport in India with special emphasis on intersexuality and sport. Currently she has been nominated the Mediator by SAI in the case of Dutee Chand, an athlete who has been unceremoniously dropped from the Indian team for the Commonwealth Games for hyperandrogenism. TARSHI: Could…