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Author: Sonia Soans

Still from "Memories in March", veteran actor Deepti Naval beside late director Rituparno Ghosh

Homosexuality and the City

Representation is a tricky thing, especially when it comes to portraying minorities. It is easy to stereotype and feed into the popular image of minorities. Gay men as fashion designers or hairstylists desperate to be friends with straight women are a rather common trope. It makes gay men visible but on heterosexual terms. It takes away any individuality from the gay man; he merely survives to seek affirmation from the straight people in his life.
A man sits leisurely with his legs on his chair in a theatre. The audience chairs are coloured red, and are numbered. Many more men who are out-of-focus in this picture sit in similar fashion in rows behind him, looking at the screen.

Issue in Focus: Sex And Modern Prudery

I have great respect for Michel Foucault and his views on sexuality in our present era. While speaking on the subject we inevitably engage in a modernist and yet anachronistic notion of a repressive past. Foucault challenges this idea, turns these arguments around and questions our present understanding of the issue. Human Sexuality and Sexuality…