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Author: Rishita Nandagiri

A woman in a black saree and white blouse faces a red wall, so that only her back is visible

The Body In Development Speak

It’s (already!) mid-2015: advocates, activists, development workers, policy wonks working on the ‘new development agenda’ or ‘sustainable development goals’ or whatever other configuration of words they construct for a convenient acronym for ‘development framework’ can almost see the finish line. It’s been a marathon of ‘anniversary agendas’ (Rio in 2012, Vienna in 2013, Cairo in…
A line drawing of a fountain of water. Over different parts of the fountain are written the following words: "ovary", "stigma", "anther", "filament", "androgenophore".

From Knowing To Doing

At 13, I could (correctly!) explain the reproductive system of a plant. I’d been rather intimate with the anatomy of a flower, drawing awful nudes of stamens and filaments and anthers. I used to think I’d get extra marks for effort – the shading took a while to get just right. I’ve never needed nor…