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Author: Pattie Gonsalves

To the Beat of Activism on Gender and Violence in India

To the Beat of Activism on Gender and Violence in India

As someone who was surrounded by the sounds of music at home from my early childhood and with a parent who worked in rural education programmes, forming connections between art and (social) change wasn’t too difficult, albeit extremely challenging to explain to many other people who didn’t necessarily see the power that art has to deliver a message or be used as a tool for change.
photo shows a brown wall which has an illustration of a woman dressed in a red saree and blur blouse. a man sits in fron of the wall, but his face is blacked out. The message written on the wall says, "i don't 'need to be protected'/ What are you 'protecting me' from? / Think / Make That Change #DelhiGangRape #SafeCityPledge

To The Beat Of Activism

The rape and murder of a young woman in New Delhi on December 16, 2012, left the Indian public consciousness shocked and it simultaneously propelled a social and cultural search to understand the problem of sexual violence, especially against girls and women. In the aftermath of this case, large-scale public protests and movements took place;…