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Author: Nidhi Chaudhary

आखिर लोग क्या कहेंगे!

नेटफ्लिक्स ब्राउज़ करते हुए अनायास ही मेरी निगाह में एक फिल्म आई, वॉट विल पीपल से ? मैं एक ऐसे सामाजिक माहौल में पली-बड़ी हूँ जहाँ हर किसी को दूसरों की, कि लोग क्या कहेंगे की, बहुत परवाह रहती है (अपना क्या विचार है, इसकी परवाह उतनी नहीं होती) और शायद इसीलिए फिल्म के शीर्षक…

Steering Through Singlehood

I am 27 now and marriage is the most brought-up topic of conversation by my parents and relatives. Now, choosing or wanting to stay single is inversely proportional to my reputation, respect, and worthiness.
A still from the film What Will People Say?

Shame, shame!

I discovered the movie What Will People Say? while browsing Netflix. Growing up in a society in which people are obsessed with everyone else’s opinion (except their own, perhaps), the name of the film caught my attention. Directed by Iram Haq and set in present-day Norway and Pakistan, the film is about Nisha, the teenaged…