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Author: Divya Swaminathan

प्यार ऑनलाइन – प्रेम की तलाश इंटरनेट पर 

सदीयों से हम सबकी प्रेम पाने की आशा जस की तस बनी हुई है।  इस सहस्त्राब्दी के आरंभिक वर्षों में नई पीढ़ी के अधिकांश लोगों नें शायद अपनी पहली ईमेल आइडी बनाई होगी या अकाउंट तैयार किया होगा। वर्ष 2004 आते-आते ऑर्कुट की सोशल नेटवर्किंग वेबसाईट शुरू हो चुकी थी जो अब शायद चलन में…
Several faces of girls have been doodled in white ink on a black paper. In big, bold, red letters is written "ME TOO" in background of the paper.
Photo Credit: Juana Medina

From Silence to #MeToo

Not everyone, however, is taken in by #MeToo. Some women feel that they shouldn’t have to make a public show of their pain for their suffering to be acknowledged. For others, sharing their story in such a public fashion exposes them to further online harassment from those who think of the hashtag campaign as a sympathy-seeking movement. Then there are those who are downright unimpressed, feeling that it unfairly casts sexual harassment as a man vs. women problem.
Its a doodle of a girl and boy sitting facing their backs at eachoher. The girl is, wearing a yellow flower dress, looking at her phone. While the boy is using his laptop and has a red cup of coffee in one hand.

Pyaar Online: Cruising Online for Love

Generations come and go but the quest for love remains eternal. In the early 2000s, most of us millennials were getting our first email accounts. By 2004, Orkut, a now defunct social networking site, had come up. It was exhilarating to connect with all of one’s crushes, old and new, from behind the security of…
A comic strip featuring six panels of a star stating various observations on consent

No Means No

It began in the third year of my PhD. I had just returned from India and a fellow classmate sent me an e-mail. The e-mail was about his feelings for me, asking me to consider a relationship with him.