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Ideas for you

A self-care routine is an excellent idea to ensure stress doesn’t build up and cause burnout, at least when some of the stressors are in our hands. Especially for those of us doing people work, creating a self-care routine ensures we have a list of go-to techniques and we don’t need to think about what works for which situation.

In this page, we have curated some external resources that may be ideas for you to incorporate in your self-care routine. We have categorised them as Tools, Skills, Readings, Timepass, and Create your own toolkit. Some of these self-care techniques have been inspired by what we follow at our TARSHI workspace and in our trainings on stress management and burnout prevention.

Many of these resources are from western countries and non-Indian or Asian contexts. If you know of or come across any relevant resources from the Global South, we would love to hear from you – please write to us at Over time, we hope to create our own resources, so do get in touch if you have any ideas for that too.

We are sure that these resources can give you a powerful self-care boost and inspire you in your self-care routine!

Browse through each of the following sections to learn a new technique, to hone a skill, to read about self-care for activists, or to put together your own toolkit… and don’t forget to keep aside some time for entertainment!

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There are various ways to work on one’s wellbeing. In this page we have added a few tools that can be a part of your self-care practice.

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This section has a vast list of readings for both self- and collective care, categorised under sexuality, activism and COVID-19 (this because when this website was put together, we were living through the pandemic!)

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This section contains some skills that we think might help one effectively cope with stress at work, at home, and in various aspects of life.

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Timepass is considered ‘less productive’, while leisure is gendered and classist. In this section we defy these ideas and encourage you to take out time to just chill – with no apologies!

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Create your own toolkit

As self-care is a daily routine, you could consider creating your own toolkit that can come handy in managing stress. This page can get you started with some suggestions on items you can add to your own self-care toolkit.